Host a Murder Mystery Party


What is this, a mystery Murder game?

A mystery killing game is an interactive party game. There are two types of mystery Murder Games..

The first ones are the ones where the mystery is played during a meal (the scenes are played between two dishes) in general; we start from a script. This is the usual form of club games, very popular, that one buys in the store

Mystery killing games are the second type and are very different. In addition to solving the murder, each guest has other goals and objectives. There’s no script to read, except for the Inspector’s exhibits and the Solution. We think that reading scripts removes the spontaneity of the game and we, therefore, create well-developed intrigues that allow the evening to progress in a fun and natural way. Every mystery is full of opportunities for blackmail, corruption and other Machiavellian schemes for all guests. Each character receives fake money to help him in this area. The interactive concept allows more intimacy between guests and gives them the impression of being part of the game instead of just playing it.  The resolution of the murder is set in advance, but how they achieve their other goals depends entirely on the players. You could play the same game with the same people, each time the game would be different.

How does it work?

Our games are downloaded and printed. They include everything you need to organize your mystery night: the host guide, invitations, certificates, character descriptions, solution, exhibits, “how to play” brochures for guests and any other items you may need to play. The file README.txt which you will find in the downloaded folder tells you how to use each file.

Guests must be imaginative and humorous. They will be immersed in an evening of cheating, murder, blackmail, and treachery. You will discover how clever your friends are indeed! No need to learn complicated information

Can the host participate?

Of course.  To participate, the host can assign characters based on the guest list rather than the characters. Don’t study all the characters or the Solution if you want to participate in the game.

When I try to download the game, I am told that my password is not valid. What do I do now?

After you buy the game, you have 24 hours to download it. After this period, the password will be invalidated. This is a security measure to protect our property. If, for any reason, you encounter any difficulty in downloading the game during this period, please contact us. We will find a solution to send you the game.

We realized that some users have a problem with cookies that cause errors. Close all programs and restart your computer. Then try again. If this still doesn’t work, contact us.

 Okay, I downloaded the game. How do I open it?

Make sure to choose “Save to disk” and note the path to find the file on your computer!

The downloaded game is formatted .exe. You will need an “unzipping” program to develop bonus slots on file. Most computers have already installed this program. If this is the case, your computer should automatically “unzip” the file .zip. If not, we’ll have to install one. Stuffit Expander is free software (freeware), available in different formats.

When you try to open the file with Stuffit, make sure you choose to save the file to disk.

(Note: If you download and use Stuffit to open your file and you can’t find it, use the Start Menu’s search function and find it on C: using the file name-without it .zip. We had a few people who found their file unzipped in the Acrobat Reader folder. We don’t know what’s causing this problem; our best guess is that it could be computer elves.

After you unzip the file, you will have a folder with multiple files. These files will be in PDF format, and you will need the freeware Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. If you have Acrobat Reader and the files contain weird characters, your version of Acrobat is too old, download a more recent version at the link above.

AOL users: AOL sometimes has Download problems, resulting in incomplete downloads.  What happens is that AOL cuts the download before it’s finished and gives you no warning messages. If this happens to you, you will get an error message saying that the file is invalid or corrupted when you try to open it.  If this problem happens to you, try the following :

Delete the incomplete file. Open the Internet Explorer or Netscape browser and download the file through one of them instead of your AOL browser.

Are these games for everyone?

Some of our mystery Murder Games use adult themes and are therefore not suitable for young children.

We will be launching mystery games for kids and teens very soon.