Funniest Mouth of the South Stand Up Comic Contest


The Rules

Every comic has to play by the rules, even the ones who claim that there are no rules. There are. Trust us.

Comics learn quickly that the cleaner you work, the more you work. We aren’t asking you to be totally clean, just don’t be totally offensive. That means no ‘N’ word, ‘F’ word, (the gay ‘f’ word, not the other one), or ‘C’ word. If you don’t know what those words are, then this explanation clearly does not apply to you. Basically, when a comic repeatedly offends the audience, it kills the sweet funny vibe for the rest of the comics. Don’t be a vibe-killer.

Each comic will get a 7-minute set. Work out your set time in advance; you will get the music at 7 minutes. You get the red light one minute before your set is done.

The show starts at 8pm EST. Comics should check-in by 7pm EST. If you are the last one there, you are the first one up. Management will make out the order with a drawing of names for the rest.

Nothing ever goes perfectly, so please leave it to management to enforce policy. As a contestant, you should just concentrate on being on time, professional and having a great attitude. We don’t need the drama.

The Prizes

1st place: $1,000 cash will be rained upon you, along with feature bookings with Funny Business.

2nd place: feature bookings with Funny Business

3rd place: MC and Guest spots with Vaudeville Cafe

Runner-ups and winners from the prelims and semi finals will receive assorted prizes from sponsors.