Stewart Huff Jan 31-Feb 1

Stewart Huff  Jan 31-Feb 1

Stewart Huff

Stewart Huff was born in Campbellsville, Kentucky and grew up in

Knoxville, Tennessee. He has been performing comedy for over 15 years.   He was invited to

perform in the HBO Lucky 21 Festival, where his act can be viewed on HBO payper-

view. Most recently he was awarded ìBest of the Festî at the 2011

Aspen Laff Festival.

Look for him in the upcoming documentary Road Comics: Big Work on

Small Stages, currently in post-production and slated for release in Fall/Winter


Newspaper Quote:

Stewart is one of the best comics working today. [He] may be one of the best comedy writers

America has seen since Woody Allen. He is able to pull comedy from subjects that shouldnít be

able to illicit anymore jokes. In his current act, he has a 15 minute joke about a kid taking a

penguin from the zoo. Can any of the readers out there make even one joke about that?î

- Hensley, the Examiner

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